When to use a three-phase electric meter


Although it is troublesome to connect the wires of the three-phase electric meter, it is necessary to know that many household appliances are three-phase electric appliances. The advantages of low cost and power saving, so many people will choose three-phase electric appliances.

Generally speaking, if there are some high-power three-phase electrical appliances such as central air conditioners in the home, then you can choose to connect to the three-phase electricity meter. Of course, it can also be determined according to the needs of the owner. If the home does not need to use three-phase electrical appliances, there is no need to connect to the three-phase electricity meter, because the price of this electricity is higher than that of single-phase electricity.

Therefore, when home improvement, we should first consider what electrical appliances need to be used in the home. If three-phase electrical appliances are going to be used, they should be connected to three-phase electricity in advance. It is best to reserve a few more sockets to avoid insufficient sockets after adding electrical appliances in the future. use the situation.

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