Till now, Gomelong has ability of design and devlop more than 20sets of products per year, got dozens of national patents. We have ISO 9001 quality management certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental management system certificate, ROHS certificate, CE certificate, CCC certificate CMC measuring license, Exporting Quality license and so on.
  • Digital power meter is an instrument used to accurately measure key parameters such as power supply output power, current, and voltage. It plays a vital role in the electronics industry. As a high-precision piece of equipment, proper care and maintenance is critical to maintaining its performance and longevity.


  • Smart meters are not faster than regular meters, but more accurate in measuring the amount of electricity that users use normally. Smart meters are much more sensitive and accurate than mechanical meters, and old mechanical meters have been used for a long time, with some wear and error.


  • Multifunctional meter can measure single and two-way active and reactive energy in various periods of time; Can complete the current power, demand, power factor and other parameters measurement and display. It can store data of at least one cycle of meter reading.


  • ​For residents, the meter capacity has increased from 5 to 10A, but now it has been uniformly changed to 60A, improving the adequacy of household electricity load; For enterprises, remote meter reading has been achieved, reducing personnel expenses and achieving better results.


  • Prepaid electricity meters, also known as quantitative electricity meters or IC card electricity meters, not only have the metering function of regular electricity meters, but also require users to purchase electricity first before using it. If users do not continue to purchase electricity after using it, the power supply will be automatically cut off and stopped.


  • A Multifunction meter is a meter used to measure and monitor multiple electrical parameters. It is a highly integrated power measurement device that can perform multiple functions in a single meter to monitor and control the use and distribution of electrical energy.


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