User Manual for DIN Rail Electric Energy Meters

DIN rail type energy meters and power instruments are a new intelligent electronic power measurement terminal developed by the company using microelectronics technology to measure electricity, imported specialized large-scale integrated circuits, and advanced technologies such as digital processing technology and SMT technology. The product fully complies with the relevant technical requirements of GB/T17215.321-2008 national standards and IEC62053 international standards for single-phase energy meters of level 1 or level 0.5. It can directly and accurately measure the positive active energy in electricity metering, and the power meter can also measure power parameters such as current, voltage, power, frequency, and power factor in the power network. Some products can choose to use complex rate energy statistics to meet various measurement needs.

The product displays the total electricity consumption and various power parameters through a stepper meter or LCD display; It has the characteristics of high reliability, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, advanced technology, and installation with 35mm DIN standard guide rail; And it has good resistance to electromagnetic interference, low power consumption, high precision, high overload, high stability, and anti electricity theft. Long lifespan.

This meter is suitable for measuring single-phase AC active energy with a rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, for fixed installation indoors. It is suitable for ambient temperatures not exceeding -25 ℃~+55 ℃, relative humidity not exceeding 95%, and the air does not contain corrosive gases and avoids the influence of dust, mold, salt mist, condensation, insects, etc.
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