What is the reason why smart meters go fast

One: The new smart meter is more sensitive and more accurate than the mechanical meter. The previous mechanical meter has a long use time and will have certain wear and errors. At the same time, the old mechanical meter requires a certain starting current. Previously, it was like a plug and TV standby. , Maybe the meter will not go, but now the new meter is displayed by the pulse number, and it is very accurate. The standby plug of the home appliance does not pull out and the word is gone, so the residents feel that they walk faster than before.

Two: The rated current of the current meter provided by the power department is 5 (60) A. The numbers in brackets are short-term allowable overload current. The current of a 1200W electric kettle is 1200W/220V = 5.4A. The current of an electric kettle alone exceeds the normal working current of the meter. In addition to other electrical appliances, the current of more than half of the time in many households exceeds the normal operation of the meter. The 5A limit, once the limit is exceeded, the meter reading is rotating at a speed that is several times the normal value. Finally, when paying the monthly electricity bill, you have to pay more.

Three: The increase in voltage also speeds up the meter. The voltage on the line fluctuates within a certain range. If the 220V voltage fluctuates to 237V, it is within the normal range, but the higher the voltage, the faster the meter will move. If a blackhearted person controls the voltage a little, the number of residents' electricity consumption will increase greatly.

Four: It is a distrust of the power sector as a monopoly enterprise. As a monopoly enterprise, the State Electric Power Department has taken over the operation of electricity, installation, proofreading and maintenance of consumer electricity meters.
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