Electronic smart meter manufacturing process

Almost all smart meters are used now. It is more precise and intelligent, making it easier for you to control the power consumption. The smart meters are composed of different circuit boards and are the control center of the meter. They are made of larger blank glass fiber boards. A board can make 6-8 circuit boards, depending on the form of the electricity meter. In order to improve the accuracy of the electricity meter, many processes in the manufacturing process are completed by robots.

Use a laser machine to etch the serial number of each circuit board, and then apply solder paste. The solder paste covered on the circuit board now matches the shape and position of the components to be installed. The next machine detects that the solder paste has been applied. it is good.

Depending on the size of the circuit board components, there may be tens of thousands of components on a reel of tape. Wrapped in a transparent protective tape, the worker installs the tape of each component on the pick and place machine. The computer-controlled machine will tear the protective tape. Remove the required components from the tape and place the components on the circuit board coated with solder paste.

Larger components are stored on reels of different sizes, and are loaded by workers onto another pick and place machine. It performs the same operations as before, but the speed is slower. The circuit board passes through the oven and the maximum temperature reaches 242 degrees. After the solder paste is melted and cooled, the components are finally fused on the board.

Each circuit board is tested to confirm that each component is qualified. The qualified circuit board is cut into smaller individual boards. The robot installs the liquid crystal display in a plastic window, the window system is sealed, and the circuit board is mounted on the display .

The main assembly of the meter starts from the plastic bottom plate, first print the serial number on the bottom plate, turn the bottom plate upward, install the remote disconnect switch parts, this switch allows the power company to switch the power supply remotely, and the exposed wires will be connected to On the circuit board, install the two terminals through the switch. It is part of the switch and part of the electricity consumption measured by the meter.

The screw locks the switch cover, installs the weighing and measuring circuit board to measure the electricity consumption, installs the connector to the display circuit board, and then connects the wire to the display circuit board, and then installs the metal sealing strip after installing the shell.

Finally, after rigorous testing, the test items of the electric meter reached dozens, and one electric meter was completed.
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