What changes can smart meters bring to our lives?

The first is to urge the formation of the habit of saving electricity. Because some customers do not pay attention to some power details, such as after turning off the TV and the computer, the power light on the screen is still on, or the computer is on standby, various chargers are still plugged into the power supply, and so on, although the power consumption is very small. Smart meters will also be recorded, so that the accumulation of electricity is not small. Therefore, let more people "smart" electricity is the function of smart meters. Through the smart meter to urge people to form the habit of saving electricity. 

The second is to change the way people use electricity. Smart meters can more accurately distinguish the time interval of household electricity consumption. According to the resident time-sharing electricity price policy currently implemented, the electricity price in the low valley period is 0.28 yuan lower than that in the flat period, and the residents can make good use of the "peak and valley" period of electricity consumption according to the household electricity consumption situation shown by the smart meter. In the peak period of electricity consumption to reduce electricity consumption, some household appliances such as water heaters, washing machines to use in the trough period, can save a lot of electricity expenditure. 

Third, let people change the habit of using electricity, optimize the way of using electricity, can also achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, which is strongly advocated by the government, but also the obligation of all citizens.
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