Application Of Three Phase Electromechanical Kwh Meter


The functional styles of current watt-hour meters are not much different, but they are constantly improving. The three phase electromechanical KWH meter , as a product under the new environment, has complete functions, and accuracy and the like are also very good.

The three phase electromechanical kwh meter is suitable for on-site error calibration of power meters at all levels, comprehensive error measurement of electric energy metering devices, and transformer transformation ratio (angle difference/ratio difference) measurement; it is also suitable for power operation site electrical parameter measurement of factories and mines. Meter connection (error wiring judgment), equipment electric energy measurement (electric energy accumulation or power consumption measurement); also can check the electric energy meter constant (check constantly), determine the polarity of the transformer; can calculate the voltage quality imbalance and Vector sum calculation of three-phase voltage and current. It is very suitable for on-site use such as electric energy metering, electricity consumption inspection, power inspection and relay protection wiring inspection, relay protection differential detection, start-up test, etc.

Both singele phase electromechanical KWH meter and three phase electromechanical kwh meter are products of the new era.

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