Electricity Problem Of Electronic Energy Meter

Now basically every household needs electricity, so electric energy meters such as electronic energy meter is indispensable. However, many people feel that electricity is used faster after using it, and feel that there is something wrong with the counting, which is not normal.

If you suspect that there is a problem with the electric energy meter, the Bureau of Metrology is first obliged to measure the social instruments. This is their job. You can take the electric meter that you suspect to have a problem to the Bureau of Metrology (but usually they will entrust the power grid company to conduct household Metering of electric energy meters). Then, if you can’t trust China’s official institutions, you can buy instruments from other countries for comparison. For example, Japanese power meters use JIS standards and don’t need GB at all. If the results are consistent with your home appliances, then basically there will be no What's the problem.

Therefore, we suspect that there is a problem with the electric meter. First of all, we must check for verification. Don't blindly read some methods on the Internet. If it is not correct, there may be other problems. single phase meter and electronic energy meter will not have the problem of counting errors.
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