With the development of the times, the way of measuring electric energy is also changing


In 1980, Henan Province first proposed to measure electric energy according to peak and valley time segments, and to promote reasonable, balanced and scientific electricity consumption by economic means, and then began to conduct pilot projects. Through several years of practice, some preliminary explorations have been made with reference value. experience of. Subsequently, Shanxi Province has successively conducted joint pilot projects in some power users using simple equipment. From 1982 to 1985, many provinces, cities and regions across the country also successively implemented time-of-use metering of electric energy and a new charging system adapted to this, and achieved great results. Some large power grid bureaus also regard it as an important content of technological improvement and one of the important measures to develop scientific electricity use. So far, our country has stepped into the ranks of countries that use a variety of electricity prices as auxiliary management means and control electricity load, so single phase electric and two phase electric meter have great development in the future.

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