The difference between Single Phase Electric Meter and Three Phase Electric Meter

1. The difference in scope of application: Three Phase Electric Meter is suitable for small and medium businesses, distribution networks, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, civil buildings, etc. Single Phase Electric Meter is suitable for residential users of local fee control and rental users.
2. Differences in accuracy levels: Three Phase Electric Meter accuracy levels are level 1, 0.5s, and 0.2s. The accuracy of Single Phase Electric Meter is level 1 and level 2. Single-phase electric meters can only achieve accuracy of level 1 at most, but three-phase electric meters can achieve 0.5s and 0.2s levels.
3. Difference in reference voltage: Three Phase Electric Meter has more voltage specifications: 3*220/380V 3*57.7/100V. Generally, there is only one voltage specification for Single Phase Electric Meter, which is 220V.
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