Precautions for using Multifunction Meter

Extended information: Note: 1. Before the Multifunction Meter is energized and used, it should be reliably grounded. 2. Before the equipment is powered on, you should confirm which state the Ua/external power supply selector switch on the panel is in: press the switch to select the working power of the equipment through Ua and U0, the power supply range is AC80V-400V, this state Next, it is strictly forbidden to plug the power cord into an external 220V socket. 3. It is strictly forbidden to repeatedly press the Ua/external power supply selection switch when the equipment is energized.
4. It is strictly forbidden to touch the terminals on the panel by hand when the Multifunction Meter is energized.
5. Connect the test leads correctly, set the current input mode correctly, and input the current and voltage within the corresponding limits. Remember that the current input value must not exceed 120% of the rated value of the selected terminal.
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