What do the numbers on the prepaid water meter look like?

The prepaid water meter is a meter that we often see in daily life, but many people may not know how to read the water meter?

China Prepaid Water Meter Manufacturers

How should the prepaid water meter be viewed? I believe that many friends are very interested in this issue. I will introduce it to you in detail below.

1. The general prepaid water meter will have a protective cover on the dial. When checking the water consumption on the water meter, the cover should be opened first.

2. There is a rectangular display window on the water meter, and the number displayed on it is the current total water consumption. The latter is marked with m³, which means that the unit is cubic. The current total minus the previous total is the water consumption in the recent period.

3. Although some water meters have different shapes, there is usually a small window showing the number, and the m³ is marked at the back, which is the total water consumption; 1 cubic meter of water is slightly equal to 1 ton of water, so you can know how much is used. tons of water.

4. In the prepaid water meter, there is also a black circular gear-shaped thing. This is generally the water flow indicator wheel. When the water is larger, the indicator wheel will turn faster. If the indicator wheel is still rotating for a long time, it means that there may be a water leak.

5. In the prepaid water meter, there are some small pointers, which are mainly used to read the water consumption more accurately, which can be accurate to 0.0001. Generally, the water meter is mainly based on the number in the top small window.

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