What is a multifunction meter?

A Multifunction meter is a meter used to measure and monitor multiple electrical parameters. It is a highly integrated power measurement device that can perform multiple functions in a single meter to monitor and control the use and distribution of electrical energy. These meters are commonly used in industrial, commercial and residential buildings to efficiently manage electrical energy consumption.

Multifunction meter can usually measure and display the following electrical parameters:

1. Voltage: Measures the voltage in a circuit, usually in volts.

2. Current: Measures the flow of current in a circuit, usually in Ampere.

3. Power: Calculates the power in a circuit, usually in Watts.

4. Power Factor: Power factor is the ratio between power and apparent power (Apparent Power), which is used to measure the efficiency of the circuit.

5. Energy: Measures energy consumption in a circuit, usually in kilowatt-hours (kWh), for billing and power consumption analysis.

6. Frequency (Frequency): Measure the frequency of the power supply in the circuit, usually in Hertz (Hertz).

7. Demand (Demand): Demand is the maximum power demand within a certain period of time, usually in kilowatts (kW).

8. Harmonics (Harmonics): measure the harmonic components in the circuit, harmonics may cause power quality problems.

The advantage of the Multifunction meter is that it can integrate multiple functions into one device, which simplifies the power monitoring and management system. They usually have display screens that can visually display various electrical parameters, enabling users to monitor power usage in real time. This is very important for energy management and energy saving, especially in the field of industrial and commercial electricity use, helping users optimize power consumption plans and reduce energy waste.
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