What are the characteristics of prepaid electricity meters?


Prepaid electricity meters, also known as quantitative electricity meters or IC card electricity meters, not only have the metering function of regular electricity meters, but also require users to purchase electricity first before using it. If users do not continue to purchase electricity after using it, the power supply will be automatically cut off and stopped.

What are the characteristics of prepaid electricity meters?

(1) Adopting large-scale integrated circuits and SMT processing technology to ensure high product reliability

(2) Low power consumption of electric energy meters, far less than the requirements

Voltage line: ≤ 0.7W and 4VA (≤ 2W and 10VA)

Current line: ≤ 0.3VA (≤ 4.0VA)

(3) The anti theft function is strong, and our company's single-phase electronic energy meters adopt anti theft technology. Not only does it have the function of preventing electricity theft through common methods such as meter tilting, external magnetic field, short circuiting, and reverse power consumption, but it also has the function of preventing electricity theft from one fire and one ground

(4) In terms of structure, there is a designed anti theft end cover to prevent short circuiting and theft of electricity

(5) The watt-hour meter has a wide range, ensuring an overload multiple of over 6 times

(6) The kilowatt hour meter has an anti creeping logic circuit, which applies 125% voltage, and the meter has no test pulse output

(7) When the electricity meter is at 0.4% Ib, it can start and record

(8) The working voltage range of the kilowatt hour meter is wide: even if 380VAC is mistakenly applied for a long time, the kilowatt hour meter can still operate normally

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