How many functions does a multifunctional meter have?


1) Measurement and storage functions.

Multifunctional meter can measure single and two-way active and reactive energy in various periods of time; Can complete the current power, demand, power factor and other parameters measurement and display. It can store data of at least one cycle of meter reading.

2) Monitoring function.

Multifunctional meter can monitor customer power and maximum demand, and prevent customers from stealing power by analyzing their power load curve.

3) Control function.

Able to implement time and load control for customers. The former is used for multi-rate time-sharing billing; The latter refers to the control of the load by receiving remote control instructions through the communication interface or by programming within the meter (taking into account time periods and load quotas). The electronic watt-hour meter with IC card interface can not only complete the pre-payment function, but also has the alarm delay and power outage control functions when the purchased power will be used up.

4) Management function.

The electronic meter is connected with the communication network or meter reading system of the power system through the communication interface to realize the remote data exchange with the outside world. The client server with authority in the power network can accurately set the completion period, the rate of the period, the power limit of the period, the alarm limit of the remaining amount, the representative day, the freezing day, the way of demand, the time and the slip by using the address code of the electricity meter (generally 12 decimal digits). Call and view the real-time power of customers; Read the relevant electricity consumption, and send the energy metering information to the corresponding departments as required for system scheduling, energy control, energy exchange and business billing.

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