Why do smart meters run faster than regular meters?


Smart meters are not faster than regular meters, but more accurate in measuring the amount of electricity that users use normally. Smart meters are much more sensitive and accurate than mechanical meters, and old mechanical meters have been used for a long time, with some wear and error. Old mechanical meters require a certain starting current. In the past, when some low-power appliances were used (such as unplugging the power plug, TV standby, phone charging, etc.), the meter might not run.

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Nowadays, new electric meters rely on pulse count display and are very precise. Even when the appliance is in standby mode and the plug is not unplugged, the meter will run faster than before. This way, residents will feel that the meter runs faster than before.

The national power department will verify all electric energy meters according to relevant standards before installation. The verification is carried out without opening the lead seal of the manufacturer. Unqualified electric energy meters will be returned to the manufacturer, and qualified electric energy meters will be stamped with the verification seal before being installed and used by users. This can better ensure fair, just, accurate, and reliable measurement.

Therefore, residents can use the new smart energy meters with confidence. To reduce unnecessary electricity consumption, it is recommended that when household appliances are not in use, turn off the power using the correct method, and then unplug the power plug to reduce energy waste and electricity loss. It is everyone's responsibility to open up resources and save electricity, and we need to start with small things around us.

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