Trends in the replacement of smart meters

  • Smart meter is an important part of smart grid. It is a set of multi-functional, remote transmission, data analysis for the integration of watt-hour meter, a smart deduction, query, power memory, remote meter reading time freeze, balance of alarm, information transmission and so on highly technical features. Smart meters by prepaid phone card electricity purchasing power input electric meter after, immediately began to supply power to users, and the real-time settlement.
    Replace the smart meters conform to the trend of the development of the electric power
    Although the domestic and foreign electric power market development stage, electrification level, development focus is different, but all is based on smart meters in the first place. In 2010 America's big power companies within the territory of the national total installed about 2 million pieces of smart meters. Within the scope of state grid corporation in 2010 a total of 23335409 installation of smart meters, plans to install smart meters in 2011 to 2011.
    At present most of the customers use electricity watt-hour meter are mechanical watt-hour meter or single function of electronic watt-hour meter, can't keep up with the pace of The Times. Can promote the smart meter installation, is not only the state grid corporation focusing on economic and social development and conform to the needs of the development trend of electric power operation, and convenient service innumberable families, improve user work life of a people's livelihood project.
    Benefit is let the customer clearly consumption
    The greatest benefit of smart meters is let customer plainly consumption. How much is the price, how much electricity, how much money left, take a look at the electric meter is clear; When the balance is lower than 50 yuan, smart meters will alarm prompt user cost in time, avoid owe a power outage.
    Change completely free
    Change the smart meter is completely free for the customer. We will be in accordance with the principle of "into slices, integral transformation" pushing predominantly urban customers smart meter change work. For the original "one household one table" has been installed all the inhabitants of the customer by installing smart meters free of charge. To has not yet been installed "one household one table" the residents of the client, including smart meter free replacement, paid for by power supply enterprises other renovation and the scope of the charging standards are determined by zigong government functional departments for approval.
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