Smart meters without quality problems and "tricks"

  • For China's smart meters installed double residents cope with soaring electricity, electric power company in view of the people questioned the ammeter detecting said most of the electric meter is not quality problems. But for smart meters why not electricity, first look at American electric power abroad investigation and analysis are given: the federal government has ordered an independent consultancy, make a thorough investigation. In September 2010, the company released the analysis report pointed out that in most cases, there is no question of the accuracy of smart meters, this is consistent with the electric power company said. In the complaints when one by one analysis found that most of the complaints are due to changes in heat wave transit, personal habits, or old aging caused by low charge power meter. But at the same time, according to the report, the electric power company in guiding consumers use smart meters, solve problems do very bad.
    At present China's intelligent smart meters only stay in a primary stage, which cause the growth of electricity is that it is more sensitive to any tiny electric current can make rotation meter. Previously used in China, the traditional electric meter is usually a disk with electricity consumption rotating "induction meter", disc is supported by bearings. Old friction increases gradually as time goes by, bearing, rotational speed will slow down, after pay the cost of less than the actual use of electricity; Because smart meters can measure accurately electricity consumption, the result is the rose "electricity". , on the other hand, smart meters at present can not take the initiative to help save the electricity consumption, it was more like in a precise way to remind consumers of electricity consumption, so change is not just meters, is a transformation of people electricity usage, and electric power company work is not optimistic in this respect, led to the residents of this meter misunderstanding, also did not have the effect of "energy saving".
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