The advantages of smart meters

Smart meters are intelligent terminals in smart grids. They are no longer meters in the traditional sense of the word. In addition to the metering functions of traditional energy meters, smart meters are also used to meet the needs of smart grids and new energy sources. Storage, two-way multi-rate measurement function, the user-side control functions, a variety of data transmission mode of two-way data communications capabilities, anti-tamper functions and other intelligent functions, smart meters on behalf of the future energy-saving smart grid end-user intelligent terminal The direction of development.


With the development of smart grid, the demand for intelligent user terminals in various countries in the world is also increasing. According to statistics, with the construction of smart grid in various countries in the world in the next 5 years, the number of smart meters installed in the world will be as high as 2 Billion only. Similarly, in China, the demand for smart meters as user terminals will increase substantially with the progress of the construction of a strong national smart grid. The conservative estimate is that there will be about 170 million demand in the market. Some of the funds allocated by the U.S. government to upgrade the national grid are specifically designed to power 13% of US households (18 million households) in smart meters over the next three years. In Europe, Italy and Sweden have completed the deployment of an advanced metrology infrastructure, replacing all common meters with smart meters. France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom are expected to complete in the next 10 years will also complete the full promotion and application of smart meters.

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