What are the advantages of prepaid meters than inductive meters

As long as there is electricity where can not do without the meter, the meter used to be the traditional inductive meter, now with the development of science and technology, electronic pre-paid meter gradually replaced the inductive meter to become a widely used meter. The design of electronic components used by professional prepaid meters makes them superior to inductive meters in many aspects, so what are the advantages of prepaid meters over inductive meters?

1, Power consumption is better than the characteristics of inductive meter
Because pre-paid meters are based on the design of electronic components, the power consumption of each meter is usually very small, saving twice to three times the power consumption of a typical induction meter. For multi-user centralized pre-paid meters, on average, each household will consume even less power.
2, Accuracy is better than the characteristics of inductive meter
Prepaid meters in precision than the traditional inductive meters also greatly improved. Induction meters due to mechanical wear and tear caused by defects in the meter will be slower and slower, the error range of several times higher than the prepaid meter, in a few years after use even exceed the allowable range. The prepaid meter is electronic, the error range is very small and always stable operation.
3, The function is superior to the characteristics of inductive meter
The electronic technology of the prepaid meter enables the meter to be networked with the computer through the relevant communication protocols and control and manage the hardware through the corresponding software. So not only from the smaller size than the inductive meter, but also in the function of more remote control, identify the vicious load, anti-theft and pre-paid electricity, etc., but also through the control software to modify the different parameters to meet the control function Different requirements, these are inductive meters can not be done.
Through the above three we can understand that the prepaid meter in many characteristics are superior to the traditional induction meter, so unique pre-paid meter also break the manual meter reading, a better solution to the temporary water and diaspora owners Or users who often owe water bills are symbols of social progress and improvement of living standards.
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