The Development Of Prepaid Meters Is An Inevitable Trend


The aging of the power grid and frequent power outages in recent years have clearly shown that the use of the power grid has reached its limit. State Grid has also begun to transform the smart grid on a large scale. As an extension of the smart grid, smart meters have been widely installed and applied. What are the advantages of using this prepaid meter system? , What benefits will it bring to users?

Prepaid electricity meters are mainly based on sales management systems, computer systems including computers, IC card readers, printers and other equipment, and prepaid electricity meters (single-phase, three-phase), which mainly complete the parameters of the electric energy meter Setting and sales management. The use of prepaid electric energy meters can improve the level of electricity management and strengthen marketing. The prepaid electricity meter adopts the method of first purchasing electricity and then using electricity, and then zero outages, which solves the problem of difficulty in charging electricity in the past. When a user purchases electricity from the property department, the property staff can require the user to pay the property fee, rent, management fee and other expenses before selling the electricity to the user. The prepaid meter has a power control function that cannot exceed the set capacity of each user. Therefore, the property power management can facilitate the management of the overall power capacity, and the corresponding power limit can be set according to the actual power demand of each user. The power-off device in the electric energy meter can realize auxiliary functions such as load control and overcurrent protection. When the user exceeds the set power, the prepaid meter will automatically cut off the power to protect the electrical equipment.

The prepaid meter is used to measure AC single-phase active energy with a rated frequency of 50Hz, and realizes the management function of paying first and then using electricity. Adopt advanced microelectronics technology to collect, process and save data, and use radio frequency card to transmit data. Its performance indicators comply with national standards and national standards. It has the characteristics of small size, high safety, high reliability and anti-theft. Users pay electricity bills first, and then use electricity, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. There is no need to arrange an electrician for frequent meter reading every month, just arrange for an electrician to regularly check whether the prepaid meter is normal. It is less frequent, and data recording is more accurate and easier to use. Since the user pays first and then uses electricity, users need to pay for electricity in the property themselves, rather than the property staff charging at the user unit to save time.

The prepaid meter can reduce the labor cost of meter reading and maintenance in the utility management center; it can improve the business efficiency of the grid company: convenient control can reduce the use. During peak power consumption periods, the use of this system can reduce power consumption, save power grid companies from building many power stations, reduce unnecessary investment, and save power grid companies billions of dollars; consumers can control consumption more easily, thereby reducing Energy consumption. Conducive to environmental protection: This is particularly beneficial to areas with shortages of oil and water, and reducing energy consumption is beneficial to the development of these areas. As a product of the development of the times, prepaid meters have entered tens of millions of households, which is convenient for you and me. Multi-user electricity meters lay the foundation for a better life.

Summary of features of prepaid electricity meters;

The instrument structure adopts modular design and has strong anti-interference ability;

With real-time power display function, it can display the user's power load in real time;

36 households (single-phase) or 12 households (three-phase) can measure and test at the same time, the metering box is small in size and easy to install;

Adopt dedicated electric energy meter measuring circuit, short measuring period, high precision and stable performance;

Accurate measurement, long service life, effective prevention of electricity theft, and convenient management;

With power failure indication function;

Three-phase internal power supply, lack of phase power supply, the meter works as usual;

The entrance and exit of the instrument adopt special terminals, which is convenient for on-site construction.

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