New technological innovations drive changes in digital energy meters


Digital energy meter market demand is steadily rising, and chip innovation has driven the improvement of energy meter performance. Faced with the practice of certain provinces and municipalities' power authorities to designate foreign brands, local energy meter chip suppliers have called for a level playing field.

Digital energy meters account for 20% to 30% of the overall energy meter market. Digital energy meters will gradually replace mechanical energy meters. Therefore, in recent years, digital energy meters have been innovating around user needs, providing users with more and more added value. Although the overall market of energy meters is stable, the demand for digital energy meters will rise steadily, which will cause the market to grow for two reasons: the digital energy meters installed in the past few years are simple in function and have started to be replaced; In recent years, the foreign digital energy meter market has expanded, which has increased the export volume of domestic enterprises.

The innovation of digital energy meters in the one two or three years is mainly concentrated on multi-rate digital energy meters; the recent innovations of energy meters are reflected in the replacement of varieties and functions. For example, in recent years, with the rapid development of residents' recharge rates, more ordinary residents have realized the function of automatic meter reading with meters. In order to prevent the problem of artificial power theft, some domestic provinces and cities are gradually discontinuing the use of pulsed stepper motor energy meters and turning to digital LCD display methods.

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