Operating Characteristics Of Single Phase Energy Meter


Inductive meters,single phase energy meter are often used as AC meters in home and industrial installations. These energy meters measure electrical energy in kilowatt hours. These induction motor meters are designed for single-phase circuits. In these electric meters, the brake magnet generates an eddy current on the magnetic disk, and the eddy current continuously rotates through a part of the change.



The structure of the electric energy meter is that it is composed of two electromagnets M1 and M2, and a magnet M1 is excited by a line current, which is called a series magnet. The electromagnet generates alternating magnetic flux φ1. This flux is proportional to the line current and phase, and the second magnet M2 is called a parallel magnet. The electromagnet is connected to the power line, its current is proportional to the power supply voltage, and generates a lagging magnetic flux φ2, most of the magnetic flux is useless, and a small amount of useful magnetic flux flows through the disk D.


Working principle of single-phase electricity meter

The working principle of the induction type single-phase electricity meter is that the two magnetic fluxes φ1 and φ2 of the electromagnets M1 and M2 induce electromotive force in the disc, thereby generating eddy current in the disc. These two fluxes and eddy currents react with each other and generate driving torque on the disc. The braking torque is generated by electromagnets M1 and M2. When the driving torque and braking torque are equal to each other, the disc will reach a stable speed,
The total number of uprisings in a given period is proportional to (the power consumed).


Electrolytic energy meter

The electrolytic energy meter is an ampere-hour energy meter and is only used in DC circuits. When these meters are used for other voltage readings, their readings are incorrect. These meters cannot be used on AC circuits. By using small rectifier units in them, these instruments can be used in AC circuits. These meters work according to Faraday's law of electrolysis. These meters are simple, cheap, and accurate under small loads. These energy meters are not affected by stray magnetic fields and friction errors.



Application of electric meter

Energy meters are widely used in the household field to measure the power consumed by users, and these energy meters are generally used in the industrial field to control the power of various machines based on their readings and to measure power.

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