Teach you to read the numbers on a few electric meters! Let you know the electricity consumption situation!

Electricity is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It can not only provide light to our lives, but also provide a carrier for many industries, especially in today's society. Electricity is everywhere in life. The application still stays in the technical field, and the application field of electricity is also very extensive.

The network needs electricity, the home needs electricity, the industry needs electricity, and so on. Electricity has been distributed to every corner of our daily life. It is enough to see that electricity is very important to our lives. Electricity is not free. It needs to be purchased. Regardless of whether it is household electricity or industrial electricity, there are electricity meters for electricity. This is the main basis for recording electricity consumption. To buy electricity, you need to look at the number of the meter. Yes, and many people do not understand the numbers on the electric meter. So, how do you read the numbers on the meter?


In fact, electricity meters can be divided into many different types. There are the most old-fashioned electric meters, and there are also the latest ones. The numbers shown are also different. So, how should different meters look at the meter number? Several forms of electricity meters are as follows:

1. The general electricity meter can directly read the total consumption so far, and then subtract the consumption of the previous month to get the consumption of the current month.

2. The smart meter has only one LCD screen. If it is single-phase, it will directly display the total power and remaining power, just read it directly.

3. If it is an IC card meter, only the LED display is a single graphic meter, and there will be a small red dot on the meter. If the red dot jumps to the total usage, it is the total usage, and the red dot jumps to the remaining part is the remaining. The dual graphics card table can be read above or below.

4. Direct reading of the three-phase prepaid meter.

5. Multiply the reading of the mutual inductance meter by the transformer magnification.

This is how these forms of electricity meters read. Meter readers should remember these different meter reading methods, these methods are actually relatively simple, can see the meter clearly, at least can clearly understand their own electricity consumption, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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