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  • Gomelong is a professional manufactures of 3 Phase 230V remote watt meter. Our professional expertise in manufacturing 3 Phase 230V remote watt meter has been honed over the past 10+ years. 3 Phase 230V remote watt meter is easy installation to distribution boards, load center, miniature & etc. by identifying where energy is being used.3 Phase 230V remote watt meter can display total energy consumption by step and motor type impulse register.

As a Remote-For-Electric-Meter manufacturer and supplier in China, Gomelong factory has been developed for more than 15 years, our factory who focus on designing and producing of Remote-For-Electric-Meter. We have Remote-For-Electric-Meter CE certificate, provide high quality and advanced Remote-For-Electric-Meter. Looking forward inquiry from wholesaler and buyer. Our products can be customerized and if need we will send you Remote-For-Electric-Meter free sample with newest quotation. Price can be discussed.